7-Alarm Challenge


The 7-Alarm Challenge is simple:
Devour 7-Alarm wings in 7 minutes. Challenge your friend to a duel Mad Libs style by dragging some choice words below to the letter at the bottom, hit submit and we'll see you both at the Dome to settle the score. -The Wing Man

  • sissy
  • hairy
  • greasy
  • sweaty
  • gutsy
  • weak
  • armadillo
  • butt
  • chicken
  • face
  • guts
  • fire
  • nincompoop
  • meatballs
  • Megan Fox
  • muscles
  • mush
  • a puddle
  • the sun
  • tongue
  • George Clooney
  • Your Spicy Lover
  • Your Mortal Enemy
  • Can't Touch This

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Hey ,you .

Do you think you can take the heat? I'm betting your can't handle the 7-alarm Challenge at the Wing Dome. This is the famous sauce that is hotter than . It's the sauce that turned into . Personally, I don't think you are enough to go to with me on the 7-Alarm Challenge. I don't think you have the , but prove me wrong - I dare you.