Dear Wingman

Who can answer your wing-eating questions?
The Wingman, that's who!

Dear WingMan,

what are you man; what are you really? Are you secretly Tom Cruise replaying his role as Maverick? Are you the guy who hangs out with the guy that gets the girl? Are you part chicken? Do you just really make great wings? Are you a beer drinking bowler? Was Tikey Turkey really a turkey or was J.P. just hiding the identity of a rubber chicken?

—Kyle, Kirkland

    Dear Kyle,

    I'm definitely not Maverick because I would have swooped in on Meg Ryan after Goose died - but that's another story...

    No, The Wingman is a simple man; a man who has a passion for great wings and a phenomenal sauce; a man who looooves a tasty burger; a man who knows his beers; a man who is meant to serve you...and yes, The Wingman does bowl - because chicks also dig the big strike. (There's nothing quite so sexy as a man in a bowling shirt and multi-colored shoes)

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